Artist Campaigns

Artists in the Kitchen allows artists to launch promotional advertising campaigns on our website. Visitors to the site will be able to support your campaign agreeing to share your message with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.



Hell’s Kitchen Artist Studios Tour is a weekend long opportunity to visit local artists in their studios, to view works-in-progress as well as completed work, and to talk to artists about their creative process and the agony and ecstasy of the creative life in New York.


Festival Guide

In addition to providing a view into how and where the visual art that surrounds us in New York originates, the day will include dance, music, theater, and other performances presented both within artist studios and at various local venues.


The Magazine

We are seeking stories, art of all genres, commentary, rants ‘n raves, non-fiction, poetry, photography, comics, etc. Preference given to more finely wrought art & literature, Surreal, visionary & or NYC/topical content for our magazine.


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