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“At The Edge” is a 220 page sophomore annual collector’s edition Arts & Cultural magazine emerging from a since ’09 arts festival in the very center of Manhattan! $8.00, 8.5″ X 11″, gorgeously designed & densely packed with glorious 4 color & detailed fine art & literature, showcasing genres from classic through visionary, expressionism, surreal & modern imagery. Specially commissioned front, inside, & back 8 point covers in a matte finish. Writing ranges from highly personal stories & drama, artist, collective & community/gallery leader profiles, fiction, interviews, poetry-to established & emerging artists + performers featured in the established HK: ArtiST Open Studios Festival & beyond! Dozens of press/multi-media features, videos, ads, maps, postcards, biz. plan, 4 social media, premiere & expanded online editions & much more available on the ArtistsintheKitchen.org promo page!

Our mission is to expand the love, success & attention for great art(ists), authors, & the legendary Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, all weekend festival, + those exhibiting in it! Whether dynamic & prestigious institutions like The Rubin Museum (Himalayan/Buddhist art), hot emerging NYC artists, influential groups such as the International Women Artists’ Salon, we are truly cutting”At The Edge” of the potential for beautiful layout balanced with in depth & powerful intimate accounts & tales. The layout is an impeccably controlled sensory overload, imagery joyous yet nuanced between a fantastical sublime explosion & backgrounds well tethered to relevant & impassioned compositions. We have unique strength & consumer appeal, having sprung from the loins of the biggest, richest “art city” in the world, yet accepting the best submissions from anywhere!

Grassroots & DIY projects are increasingly valued & necessary in a homogenized world. You cannot find a better value & representation of this eccentric yet professionally produced, breathtakingly well rendered idea(l) & aesthetic.

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