Hello! Thank you for your interest in helping shape our unique grassroots Festival &/or publication in the midst of the greatest art, literary & cultural capital in the world! Please fill out the form herein, any comments are welcome, & additional inquiries are welcome to Founder/Prez. Mike Felber is at 212-582-2990. Below that see a listing of available Departments you may want to contribute to or even inquire about leading! There are great teams to work with & learn from, some tasks lend themselves to independent efforts, & Directors of Depts. can have a large free ad designed for them in “At The Edge” Magazine. Good will, comradeship & gaining excellent references mean it can be a superb learning opportunity, if not a formal internship yet. Ad & magazine sales opportunities will yield the highest commissions you can find.

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Available Departments & Positions for Workers & Volunteers

The organization would like to maximize productivity in each area and we will need a team leader and dedicated individuals on the support team in each area.

Editor in Chief & Editors: Require folks passionate about art &/or literature who possess some intellectual rigor & editing skills! Newbies may learn from those already aboard though. Help create “At The Edge” Art & Cultural magazine, plans are to expand somewhat beyond the full color 128 page summer ’11 premiere issue. Also an option to Assist with next expanded online edition, solicit or even create content!

Director or Ad & Magazine Sales: Sell ad space (we can create ads) to mainly Corporate sources with the aid of our Sponsor & Media Kit. Highest commissions earned, leverage & develop great business contacts. Monetize & sell magazine to independent sources/stores & online, developing distribution & pricing to attract attract advertisers.

Director of Sales and Marketing & Festival: Covers a broad swath of HKAA future needs described herein–Direct calls, Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns, SEO, perhaps brochures…Works closely with the Web/Social Media and Print Dept.

Director of Sponsorship: Grants, donor and fund raising activities: Securing sponsors and their financial support, private and public funding and grants. Currently local businesses and venues, mainly work with, Map Sites and Venues.

Director of Media Relations: PR and Advertising Professional. Plans, organizes and executes complex multi-media exposure strategy.

Social Media Director: A reliable, creative tech savvy person. Need aggressive & skilled marketing on facebook, tumblr, twitter & flickr accounts, requires frequent management and immediate updates through festival. Concerning our events, publication, & other creative, art related ventures may be promoted!

Web Admin: Opportunity to LEARN or perfect Word Press skills, Google analytics, Web Site construction & maintenance. Assisting & receiving tutelage from Web Master. Assist in organization for festival, magazine, & development of online store.

Director of Graphic Design: Develop postcards/invitations, Map, and Posters/signs. May advise and assist with layout of HK: documents.

Director, Artist Liaison: Coordinate between artists and venues. Implement schedule and its execution, and handle details preparing venues for Open Studios.

Director of Volunteers: Directs each areas volunteers by function, lists, and recruitment of new Volunteers (Flyers, Craigslist, Backpage…) Organize volunteers and

Director of Public, Tourist, and Street Team Promotions: Recruit public/art hubs and tourist Co. before and DURING event, including distributing maps and postcards.

Director of Print Documents: Two main objectives: immediately develop HKAA Magazine articles and features on emerging artists, sponsors, etc. and be responsible for HKAA documents. Most of the latter are extant and need modification. Consult w/Graphic Design leader on these things.

Director of Venues and Culture: Register prior sites and expand locales for exhibitions and performance-homes, group shows, theaters, business.
Also emphasize large venues, public and outdoors (streets, parks…) for entertainment, showing and selling non-fine arts such as crafts.

Director of Video and Film: Create new HK: feature projects, collect and organize past works. Plenty of archived photos, project w/Blues Music for HK needs action.

Director of Sales and Marketing & Festival: Covers a broad swath of HKAA future needs described herein–Direct calls, Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns, SEO, perhaps brochures…Works closely with the Web/Social Media and Print Dept.

Committee Dept. Executives and area of Responsibility:

Executive Positions and Description:

CEO (overall responsibility for organization). Founder/CEO, Mike Felber. Coordination, final decisions, grassroots actions and Management of Co.

COO (administration of corporate programs and internal staff structure in liaison with CEO).

CFO (financial officer). Accounting, finances, books/records, legal filings.

Executive Director of Corporate Operations: Our business mentor will be a a noted consultant who develops business structure, corporate organization, legal applications, and creative marketing concepts.

Advisory Board:

The scope of the company and its operations is enhanced by the distinguished business, professional and members of the Seven Arts who will reside on HKAA’s Advisory Board. The advisers represent a diverse and varied cross section from both the financial, visual and performing arts, charitable, legal, accounting, public service, commercial and retail industries. They will provide and apply their individual and collective expertise to guide the company’s development. Highly accomplished individuals in these high profile categories are necessary for their experience and council. necessary to attract top level Corp. and to establish the credentials for HKAAand there quest for NY State funding and support.

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HK: ArtiST is a sponsored project of the Sole Proprietorships Hell Kitchen Artist's Guild/Association (HKAG/HKAA)

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