New Tradition in one of Manhattan’s Oldest Neighborhoods. The Fifth Annual Hell’s Kitchen Artist Studio Tour is a free event where dozens of artists open their homes, galleries, and studios for a self-guided tour. Participating artists include individuals with well established and honored careers, as well as emerging artists, and all mediums will be represented: including painting, sculpture, photography, theater, dance, and much more.

HK:ArtiST: The tour was created to expose and promote the work of local artists and create an event that recognizes the often ignored art scene right in the heart of  New York City.  The tours other purpose is to show the connection between the storied history of Hell’s Kitchen and the current creative expression: an area often dismissed as a mere adjunct to, and overlapping with, the business and theater districts. Says Hell’s Kitchen artist Sean George, “The Hell’s Kitchen open studio tour is a great event for local artists to show their work to the community. This event will showcase great artists from the best city in the world.”

After enjoying open studios all over the metropolitan area, Artists in the Kitchen founder Mike Felber recently decided to start a non-profit artist’s organization for the community where he has lived and worked for decades. In a matter of weeks many artists and volunteers have added their efforts to make this first event a success, and a preview of much bigger art events to follow. As an artist himself, Mike Felber’s paintings have been included in various group shows, including the Art Students League which he attended on scholarship. Although professionally Mike’s career has mainly been in social work (foster care, teaching, activism), he is bringing countless hours and limitless enthusiasm to forming Artists in the Kitchen, an organization that aims to strengthen the ties between Hell’s Kitchen artists and provide opportunities such as HK:ArtiST.