Top Picks for Home Cooks — Chef Chris Lee

Fresh beats boxing is a great way to end any day. ‘y.’If you’re a fan of making homemade fettuccine, investing in these handy gadgets could be the key to winning your next kitchen dance off. So grab that piece set and start turning heads—and plates—with mouthwatering pastas made right at home thanks to these genius […]

The Michelin Guide: A brief history of how restaurants get stars

Have you ever wondered what Michelin Stars are? Or how the Michelin Star system was created? The origins of the iconic rating that is given to restaurants with exceptionally high standards in cooking have very little to do about cuisine. We thought it was important that you know the entire story about Auguste Escoffier School […]

11 Tips for Freezing Food and Avoiding Freezer Blowout

How to freeze food and prevent freezer burn Freezing food is a great way to extend its shelf-life and preserve it. Frozen foods can last up to several months without losing their taste, texture or nutritional value. This article will discuss the best methods for freezing food. Select the Right Packaging The first step to […]

What is Food & Beverage Management (F&B)?

Many students who have studied culinary arts and hospitality management go on to successful careers as food service managers. The Institute of Culinary Education is also a provider of a Dual Diploma programStudents who pursue more than one study course, such as Plant-Based Culinary Art, Pastry & Baking ArtsThe following are some examples of how […]

Unveiling the Best Cutting Board for Your Kitchen Needs — Chef Chris Lee

The humble cutting board is often a kitchen hero that goes unnoticed. This essential kitchen tool is used by chefs around the world to transform raw ingredients and sharp knives into delicious dishes. Whether it’s slicing fresh vine-ripened tomatoes for a vibrant caprese salad, delicately dicing fragrant herbs to enhance your favorite dish, or expertly […]

Plant-Primarily based Proteins | Institute of Culinary Schooling

Protein is a macronutrient that’s essential for human well being, as it’s important for the creation and upkeep of cells within the physique. Whereas typically related to the constructing of muscle tissue, which it certainly helps, protein is also crucial for wholesome bones, cartilage and pores and skin. The USDA recommends that adults eat between […]

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