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Valentine’s Day Meal Ideas | Institute of Culinary Education

Beyond the requisite dozen red roses and champagne, making a Valentine’s Day meal for your friend or loved one is a great way to add a personal touch to your preparations. Here, we’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s Day meal ideas you can make at home to celebrate.  Appetizers & Openers Fig & Ricotta Toast […]

Plant-Primarily based Proteins | Institute of Culinary Schooling

Protein is a macronutrient that’s essential for human well being, as it’s important for the creation and upkeep of cells within the physique. Whereas typically related to the constructing of muscle tissue, which it certainly helps, protein is also crucial for wholesome bones, cartilage and pores and skin. The USDA recommends that adults eat between […]

Why It’s Important to Find a Peer Mentor in Culinary School

You may have many questions about the culinary school world. Perhaps you’re juggling a job in the kitchen while pursuing your culinary dreams and are worried about balancing family and a social life. Or maybe you’re trying to work through how to fully utilize the benefits of your culinary education when you’ve received your diploma […]

10 Meals Podcasts Each Severe Culinary Arts Skilled Ought to Hear To

It’s no secret that college students and Chef Instructors on the Auguste Escoffier College of Culinary Arts are obsessed with meals, schooling, and private growth. When not learning, instructing, or training, we love speaking about meals and sharing tales. No matter your curiosity, there’s a podcast for you. Listed here are ten of the highest […]

Should restaurant owners attend culinary school?

Many people, including entrepreneurs, believe that the best way to learn something is by doing it—to jump in and get going, making course corrections and pivoting as necessary. Maybe you’re a restaurant owner who did exactly that. Whether you had already worked as a chef or elsewhere in a kitchen—or simply had a great idea—you […]

Beyond Borders – A Tenacious Culinary Grad’s Inspiring Travel from Ecuador to Austin

Estefania Colamarco has a photo of herself at 12 or 13 years old, her face dusted with powdered sugar during a visit to her grandmother’s house in Philadelphia. Estefania, or Effy as she is known, was making alfajores – a popular South American sweet consisting of two shortbread biscuits with dulce de lache filling. At […]

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