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#MardiGras Gluten-free King Cake #Recipe @LibbyKlein

  Libby Klein  I’ve always seen these brightly colored king cakes in the bakery, but I’ve never been able to try them because they don’t come gluten-free. This year, I finally got the courage to make one myself. I was surprised to learn that this is a giant cinnamon bun. It’s really not a cake. I […]

Retro Lazy Daisies Cake #Recipe Peg COchran/Margaret Loudon

    This recipe comes from Sara Bir at Simply Recipes who got it from Mrs. H. Johnson’s recipe in the 1949 The Good Shepherd Cook Book.  It is a hot-milk spongecake that can be made in one bowl. Its ease of preparation led to the name Lazy Daisy Cake.  It is delicious for dessert, […]

Dark Chocolate Pots Creme #Recipe & #CoverReveal By @LibbyKlein for #Valentine’s Day

 Libby Klein  Valentine’s Day means Chocolate! Chocolate has long been considered to be the language of love. Many believe it is an aphrodisiac. Miniatures are always more appealing. These pots are filled with cranberries.ème are the perfect dessert to end a romantic Valentine’s meal. Individual servings (or six) for two make the affair feel even […]

Egg Roll in A Bowl @vmburns#recipe#giveaway

 vmburnsLucy Burdette, who posted an Egg Roll in a Bowl recipe last year, inspired me to post this recipe. Lucy’s recipe uses ground turkey and is slightly different. This recipe was adapted from one that I found on WholeNewMom.com. The recipe was not just Keto-friendly but gluten-free as well. It could also be easily adapted […]

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